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Dried Mulberry

Organic Dried mulberries are a great source of protein, vitamin C and K, fiber, and iron. Enjoy them as a great snack all by themselves or add them to your favorite trail mix.

Organic Walnuts

Organic Walnuts contain the amino acid l-arginine, which offers multiple vascular benefits to people with heart disease, or those who have increased risk for heart disease due to multiple cardiac risk factors.

Organic Almonds

Almonds contain lots of healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. The health benefits of almonds include lower blood sugar levels, reduced blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. They can also reduce hunger and promote weight loss.

Apricot Kernels

An apricot kernel is the seed of an apricot. It is known for containing amygdalin, a poisonous compound that, together with the related synthetic compound laetrile, has been marketed as an alternative cancer treatment.


It has been reported to contain at least 85 minerals in ionic form, as well as triterpenes, humic acid and fulvic acid also

Anti-Ageing, Diabetics, Asthmatic, Arthritis, Increase immunity, Sexual dysfunction.

Tumuro Green Tea.

Tumuro is antibacterial and antiviral, it relief from cold and flu in winters Its helps boost in immune system and very supportive for stomach problems. Diabetic control is also reported from tumuro users.

Black currant dry

Dried black currants are a powerhouse of nutrition. They are low-fat, cholesterol-free and high-protein, with each cup of dried currants containing 5.88 grams of protein. Dried currants are also an excellent source of nutrients that are essential for health, including dietary fiber, copper, manganese and potassium.